Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding Mirror

Understanding Mirror? Mirror? Glass kitchen set malang or mirror? Hehehehehe ... Meant here is the notion of the Mirror on the computer world. Perhaps the readers there who already know the sense of the Mirror? If not know, I will tell about the sense of this Mirror. Well, please read Understanding this Mirrors ....:)

Mirror, is a duplicate of a site that is placed on a server that is different from the original server. The function of the mirror site, is to reduce the data traffic on a site.

(Sorry, the sense I get from so that the phrasing more theoretical ... ^^)

So, this Mirror function to reduce the data traffic on a site. Let's say you visit the website Facebook. The Facebook server, there is in some countries. Not just in one State only. If there is only 1 server up, so of course its data traffic will be jammed because of Facebook's servers are working very hard to serve your request as the Client (see also Understanding Server and Client).

Still confused too??? Hehehehe ... Quiet ... I give 1 example again ...
Suppose you want to download a File with a server in the United States. It certainly would be very long to downloading them because the server location is very far away. Thus, the diciptakanlah Mirror of that site by building a new server located in Indonesia.

Thus, the closer a server with our location, makas the faster traffic to us on the site (To download, upload, and others).

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