Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding The Program

Understanding The Program? The intent travel malang juanda here is understanding the Program in computer science. Not Understanding the Program on TV shows. Hehehe ...:) Indeed, most people ask about the Understanding of the Program. That program is what the heck? A kind of application or software? Well, this time I will discuss about the Program in the computer science Sense. Welcome to read my version of the ^^ Program Understanding

The program, is the order of instructions (logical) for computers that are written or compiled in a language known by the computer. Which is then executed or processed by a computer. Arguably the program is the result of writing scripts in a programming language.

Hmmm ... Difficult nih neranginnya. Okeh, for those of you who do not understand, I will explain. So here goes, that computer must have had programs in it. The computer also has its own language. I.e. the Assembly language. For example, suppose you want to create an application using the C++ programming language. After you write the scripts, these scripts later will be processed by computer. Which then these scripts into a Program. And developed into an application. Right application has graphical display (Graphical User Interface), so the program is only part of it only/contents. While the application is a program that already added various element-element to another.

Bottom line, this is a command line Program that exists in an application to be processed by the computer.

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