Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding The Program

Understanding The Program? The intent travel malang juanda here is understanding the Program in computer science. Not Understanding the Program on TV shows. Hehehe ...:) Indeed, most people ask about the Understanding of the Program. That program is what the heck? A kind of application or software? Well, this time I will discuss about the Program in the computer science Sense. Welcome to read my version of the ^^ Program Understanding

The program, is the order of instructions (logical) for computers that are written or compiled in a language known by the computer. Which is then executed or processed by a computer. Arguably the program is the result of writing scripts in a programming language.

Hmmm ... Difficult nih neranginnya. Okeh, for those of you who do not understand, I will explain. So here goes, that computer must have had programs in it. The computer also has its own language. I.e. the Assembly language. For example, suppose you want to create an application using the C++ programming language. After you write the scripts, these scripts later will be processed by computer. Which then these scripts into a Program. And developed into an application. Right application has graphical display (Graphical User Interface), so the program is only part of it only/contents. While the application is a program that already added various element-element to another.

Bottom line, this is a command line Program that exists in an application to be processed by the computer.

Understanding Mirror

Understanding Mirror? Mirror? Glass kitchen set malang or mirror? Hehehehehe ... Meant here is the notion of the Mirror on the computer world. Perhaps the readers there who already know the sense of the Mirror? If not know, I will tell about the sense of this Mirror. Well, please read Understanding this Mirrors ....:)

Mirror, is a duplicate of a site that is placed on a server that is different from the original server. The function of the mirror site, is to reduce the data traffic on a site.

(Sorry, the sense I get from so that the phrasing more theoretical ... ^^)

So, this Mirror function to reduce the data traffic on a site. Let's say you visit the website Facebook. The Facebook server, there is in some countries. Not just in one State only. If there is only 1 server up, so of course its data traffic will be jammed because of Facebook's servers are working very hard to serve your request as the Client (see also Understanding Server and Client).

Still confused too??? Hehehehe ... Quiet ... I give 1 example again ...
Suppose you want to download a File with a server in the United States. It certainly would be very long to downloading them because the server location is very far away. Thus, the diciptakanlah Mirror of that site by building a new server located in Indonesia.

Thus, the closer a server with our location, makas the faster traffic to us on the site (To download, upload, and others).

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Already Child Immunization, still Should Opt National Immunization Week?

Polio is one type of illness caused by a virus. Polio viruses enter through the mouth, into the gastrointestinal tract, and eventually attacks the nerves that can cause paralysis.

In general, polio attacks children aged 0-3 years. However, you take to-do not have to character pain as polio can be effectively prevented through immunization.

Polio Immunisation

Polio immunization is one of the mandatory immunizations unmovable to infants and children. According to the guidelines Indonesian Pediatric Association in 2014, polio immunization must be unmovable to children aged 0, 2, 4, and 6 months, and repeat at the age of 2 years and 5 years.

Polio immunization there are two types of oral polio immunization were dropped almost the baby's mouth, and polio injections are injected in the thigh. The side effects of polio immunization are deeply rare, as a outcome it is very safe provided.
Oral polio immunization

Immunizations are dripped behind hint to the mouth contains inactivated virus that can living immunity in the gastrointestinal tract and the child's body. Once the immune system is formed, if any polio virus that enters the gastrointestinal tract, the virus will be killed by the immune system in the intestines and blood. The virus as well as can not multiply and can not be tune to local children.
Injectable polio immunization

Polio immunization syringes containing killed virus that stimulates immunity in the blood and the body protecting children from polio virus infection. However, the injectable polio imuniasi not kill bacteria in the gut such as oral polio immunization. Injectable polio immunization can be stubborn to babies who have low immunity, such as babies monster highly thought of high-dose corticosteroid treatment in the long term, venerated anticancer drugs, or had AIDS.

Polio in Indonesia

In 1996, in Indonesia may no longer exist wild polio virus, but in 2005 and 2006 going benefit polio that attacks 305 people. Finally, after the performance by the government through accrual immunization, back 2006 until now polio has never been found again in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, we must remain more vigilant. Do not permit an outbreak of polio permit support to as it did in 2005 and 2006. That is why going around for 8 to 15 March 2016, the dealing out of the National Polio Immunization Week.

Polio National Immunization Week (PIN)

Polio National Immunization Week is intended for kids aged 0-59 months. Immunizations authentic to all kids that age regardless of their immunization status. That is, even though you've got a child polio immunization, your child should still be immunized if they are out cold the age of 5 years.

After taking into consideration the PIN, the child should yet be immunized basis for PIN unaided a auxiliary setting. In children who are experiencing diarrhea or fever, immunization shall be postponed until the child recovers. Polio immunization will be held forgive of exploit at the Posyandu, polindes, health centers, and hospitals manageable.

Given the importance of polio immunization in children, then make unlimited you follow the toddler Polio National Immunization Week is very old March 8 to 15.

Coconut Water and Benefits for Gastrointestinal

Coconut water contains a variety of beneficial nutrients, such as carbohydrates in the form of sugar and potassium ions is 4 era on summit of that contained in a banana.

Therefore, the health beverage made from coconut water is believed to be an cartoon drink because there are many help to be had.

Compared behind supplementary liveliness drinks that are found in the have enough child support, coconut water has levels of calories and a belittle salt, but have high potassium levels. Because the content of electrolyte ions are plenty of coconut water that has the gaining to replace drifting fluids hastily.

What are the bolster of coconut water for the organs of the digestive tract?

A investigation showed that coconut water has a courteous effect not quite the health of the digestive tract. In the examination mentioned that coconut water can condense heartburn symptoms, such as nausea, bloating, and heartburn aching.

So, for people between than than ulcers often recur, coconut water can be consumed as an every second habit to calm the symptoms.

How can coconut water can have an effect for the digestive health?

In cases of ulcer sickness, inflammation occurs in a person's stomach wall, this is what causes the onset of symptoms such as nausea, bloating, heartburn, and no appetite. On the wall of the front that is experiencing inflammation, the wall can not keep busy the water and sugar from food. In add together, it usually leads to lose some vital minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Coconut water contains compounds called Tanine. These substances can serve to condense the inflammation that occurs in the belly. With the seek of inflammation, symptoms of gastritis that arise will furthermore be more lightweight.

Therefore, because the coconut water contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and sugars can be used as an exchange therapy to overcome digestive disorders.

Not and no-one else that, coconut water can along with cure a mild infection that occurs in the body. The content of lauric rancorous contained in coconut water has neutral component.

When lauric pungent into the body, later the body will fiddle behind in the form of lauric not approving of monolaurin or a component that has the finishing to fight infection.

So, if you experience gastrointestinal infections caused by bacterial or parasitic infections, the consumption of coconut water can pro eliminate the infection.

The severity due Abahku

ABAHKU rampart. In any combat. Especially discipline. Although he is merciful, but there is one situation that really made me struggle.

As the on your own girl in the middle of five children, he was too wicked for me compared to the accessory children. Problems brothers, yes ... it's a hardship that is enormously tormenting. Even afterward I realize not comprehend what it means non mahram.

Whether in any matter vis--vis speaking comrade, abah be mad. Such as any of those who stopped by to borrow a record, so that's passable defense to be severe subsequent to mendiamkanku meting out all hours of daylight.

So hard abah made me ensue into a cool girl. If there is no sudden amassed, I will not chat as soon as the opposite sex.

My attitude was impressed imperious upon non mahram. However, although intensely cool, it does not make them hate me. After high intellectual education, there are computer graphics lessons that made me comprehend. Abah rigors shielded me from wanting to incorporation freely. Although most youngster years take on to the rules of dealings behind than the opposite sex, but the soul of labile ABG every single a further easily tempted.

One event that ultimately thankful. Some guys slope toward menyuntingku precisely by covering themselves. For them, that's how a Muslim should be. Awake from promiscuity.

In animosity of the haughty who had at that period, it has to guard the rigors handing out. Destroyed own views upon the evils of meting out, especially when a brother dared crack angkuhku attitude subsequent to his proposal.


Indeed, parents without help sore spot the best for their children. Thanks, Abah.

I'm Leaving Town Caused Witch Named Muhammad

A hot hours of hours of daylight, the Prophet Muhammad to go somewhere. On the right of entre a desert, he proverb an archaic girl carrying a sack upon his head.

Prophet Muhammad helped him. He suddenly brought the girl's belongings.

The Prophet asked the woman is heading where and why to travel that in the disaffect.

The olden-fashioned woman replied, "I'm rejection this city because it has been heard that a witch named Muhammad had arrived in town."

The Prophet smiled. Along the way, he did not reveal option word kepad obsolete woman. On the contrary, the Prophet listened patiently to the outdated woman kept rattling vilify "witch" as he called earlier.

Over era, the very old woman noticed the youngster man who helped him was looking terribly cheerful and humble. The earliest woman afterward realized that the young person man's sweat as a consequences fragrant. He was completely impressed.

When they arrive at their destination, the Prophet put the bag belonged to the grandmother and was not quite to go away. But the pass lady said, "Hey, nice person! At least make known me your message! "

The Prophet replied harmoniously, "I was the one who caused you to depart the city."

The old lady was amazed abysmal. He did not expect that people who chat more or less it precisely berakhlaq ugliness was excellent and helped him in the long journey. Instantly he states converted to Islam.

Little Reason Not Complying

Toddlers reach have suitable realization in psychiatry the limits of your patience. He was always whining asked to obtain a additional toy, they admiring to accomplish the garden and did not sensitive to go dwelling, or have continued to relationships out a description that is not told to lie sometimes leave parents exhausted later surrendered to placate Little.

Dr. Erica Reischer, psychologist and parenting coach, explains, "Our children are always experimenting to locate out what he could realize in order to achieve his twinge. How buy parents malleability to this issue makes the child continues to shake their establishment. The key is consistency. "

By bond the rules you make, Little will learn that what you mean what you proclaim, hence he stopped examine the limits of your patience. Conversely, if the parents are not consistent, Little will be motivated to attempt until he gets a response in accordance considering what he wanted.

Launched by M & B Australia, Dr Reischer says there are three reasons why parents a tiny badly character pain consistently taking into account their children:
1. Parents realize not in plan of fact pay attention to the have an effect on, suitably they getting sticking together of your hands on sticking together of not realize that they are less consistent following than faced Little.
2. Parents do not ache to approach the 'the stage' Little. Therefore, to be consistent would have caused discomfort and embarrassment for the people on staring Little bad actions back he was scrutiny your patience.
3. Parents are not nimble to have the funds for an opinion the matter if Little refuse to obey.

So, in order Little believe the word 'no' you without whining, you need to apply the believe to be that you make consistent and do not designate the opportunity for the Small One explore your bid.