Saturday, June 11, 2016

The severity due Abahku

ABAHKU rampart. In any combat. Especially discipline. Although he is merciful, but there is one situation that really made me struggle.

As the on your own girl in the middle of five children, he was too wicked for me compared to the accessory children. Problems brothers, yes ... it's a hardship that is enormously tormenting. Even afterward I realize not comprehend what it means non mahram.

Whether in any matter vis--vis speaking comrade, abah be mad. Such as any of those who stopped by to borrow a record, so that's passable defense to be severe subsequent to mendiamkanku meting out all hours of daylight.

So hard abah made me ensue into a cool girl. If there is no sudden amassed, I will not chat as soon as the opposite sex.

My attitude was impressed imperious upon non mahram. However, although intensely cool, it does not make them hate me. After high intellectual education, there are computer graphics lessons that made me comprehend. Abah rigors shielded me from wanting to incorporation freely. Although most youngster years take on to the rules of dealings behind than the opposite sex, but the soul of labile ABG every single a further easily tempted.

One event that ultimately thankful. Some guys slope toward menyuntingku precisely by covering themselves. For them, that's how a Muslim should be. Awake from promiscuity.

In animosity of the haughty who had at that period, it has to guard the rigors handing out. Destroyed own views upon the evils of meting out, especially when a brother dared crack angkuhku attitude subsequent to his proposal.


Indeed, parents without help sore spot the best for their children. Thanks, Abah.

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